Treatments with growth factors for injuries

Prp Treatment for Injuries

Treatment with platelet rich plasma in traumatology is one of the first uses of this substance. Its functionality was initially known in a mandibular surgery in which the plasma was used to promote the healing of the bone. Thanks to the growth factors that contains platelet-rich plasma, the healing process before an injury is accelerated by improving the person´s well-being in a reduced period of time.

This plasma is responsible for the early regeneration of damaged or injured tissues, so this therapy can be used to treat those ailments that do not finish cure alone and need a last push. Treatment with prp is indicated especially in the process of regeneration of bone, tendon and ligamentous tissues.

Prp Injections for Knees

Therefore, therapy with platelet rich plasma is recommended in:

  • The treatment of chronic tendinitis such as the Achilles tendon or also in epicondylitis ( tennis elbow ).
  • Plasma injections in the hip to treat avascular necrosis of the femoral head.
  • Finally the prp injection in the shoulder by rupture of the tendons of the shoulder (rotator cuffs).
The use of plasma injections in the knee to treat lesions of the patellar or quadriceps tendons is quite common, but it is true that knee injuries are not working well. This is due to the difficulty of infiltrating the plasma directly into the tendons of the knee and in most cases this plasma is injected in the wrong place.

The best thing about treatment with platelet rich plasma is that it has no side effects , being a totally autologous material (own person) will not produce any rejection, allergies or toxicity. It is a very safe therapy which will only be able to provide benefits, thanks to the growth factors that the prp contains will accelerate the process of regeneration of the lesion you have

Tennis Elbow Treatment with Prp

PRP therapy usually consists of 3 infiltrations with a rest period of 2-3 weeks between each. Approximately the results are usually observed after the third infiltration, although sometimes they are perceived even before. Directly after the infiltration one can return to daily activities and no rest is necessary. Does it all seem like advantages or not? The truth is that it is a very safe therapy in which everything is benefits and the risk is practically non-existent.

Finally the cost of the procedure, this is going to oscillate both upwards and downwards depending a lot on the clinic where you do it and especially on the professionals. But it will also depend on the number of infiltrations that recommend you, because although the standard protocol is about 3 injections, in some cases depending on the injury requires some more infiltration. The treatment of platelet rich plasma cost around 350-500$ per session, but as I said it is totally orientative.

The best way is to get in touch with us, then we will indicate the clinics closest to your location, we´ll give you quotes, appointments available ... etc. This way you can evaluate your options and choose the one that best suits your needs.