One of the most popular applications for the use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is its use as an antiaging treatment. The skin is one of the organs of our body that makes more evident the aging process, when you see a person over the years you do not see a liver or an aged kidney, it is the skin that makes us realize that the time goes by and sometimes faster than we think. The skin over the years loses the elasticity, brightness, luminosity and texture that we had when we were children, also occurs the fall of subcutaneous structures (those under the skin) that modifies the volume by example of our face, giving us an aspect of sadness and fatigue.

Faced with this concern for aging numerous treatments, surgeries and all sorts of methods have come to try to delay or mask this natural and inevitable process. All of us know that plastic surgery has advanced a lot in recent years achieving phenomenal results in interventions such as face lift that allows us to have a face free of wrinkles or sagging, we are focusing on the face because it is the first thing we see each morning and this is what we usually create more worries. Well, we want you to know the existence of this fabulous treatment and the benefits that can provide us without having to resort to treatments as invasive or drastic as a facelift, it is true that there are cases in which sagging is excessive and can not be solved in another way, but if we start from an early age to take care of ourselves and help it a little by giving what we need we can avoid major solutions in the long run. I also have to say that this treatment in patients already with poor skin quality and punished face gives very good results, greatly improving the general aspect of the skin.

PRP for skin rejuvenation

The PRP treatment to slow down the aging of the skin can be used not only on the face, it also works great for treating neck skin, neckline and even hands! With the use of Platelet Rich Plasma we can improve the appearance and texture of our skin in the most exposed areas in our daily life. Plasma Rich in Platelets is indicated to treat problems like acne, scars that have made keloids, stretch marks and of course to help the skin rejuvenation and improve the tightness of the skin, especially of the eye contour, one of the areas most punished for the sun. The small wrinkles or skin lines can be resolved with this treatment easily, so if we do it in a suitable place and with a good professional we can solve the signs of aging without having to go to the operating room.

How do you get the PRP? It's very simple ... All you have to do is perform a blood draw, this venous blood sample that is processed to obtain the platelet concentrate. Approximately every 2-3 ml of plasma is obtained around 3.31 million platelets and these, as already mentioned, contain a large number of growth factors necessary to restore the functioning of skin quality. To obtain this plasma, the blood sample is centrifuged in order to separate the components of the blood and the PRP will be obtained.

How is the prp therapy performed?

The treatment is divided into 6 phases which are described below:

1- Cleaning and disinfection of areas to treat: before starting the treatment you have to do a good cleaning of the area where you will be treated to remove dirt, makeup or creams, the best if you can is to avoid going Makeup or creams because before the procedure they will remove everything. In addition, an antiseptic will be applied to remove any microorganisms that may be present on the skin, because in the application of the PRP the integrity of the skin is compromised and it must be well disinfected.

Clean face before prp treatment2- Pre-treatment photographs: it is important to take photos before performing the treatment with the face clean and free of makeup or creams. This way you can take photos of vampire facial before and after treatment so the professional can check if the treatment is working as it should, as well as serve as a reference for the patient of the improvements that are being achieved.

3- Application of local anesthesia: this treatment can be done with or without anesthesia, it is a bit annoying so if the patient does not want to feel pain you can apply an anesthetic cream. This will be applied and allowed to act between about 30-40 minutes, to make it more effective they usually put a transparent film, thus the anesthetic action is more effective.

4- Extraction of the blood sample: Normally when there is about 10 minutes to remove the anesthetic, the blood is withdrawn as it has to be centrifuged and it takes about 7 minutes, although it varies slightly depending on the centrifuge.

get prp5- Infiltration of Rich Plasma in Platelets (PRP): once the blood sample has been extracted and centrifuged, the anesthetic cream is cleaned and the face is again disinfected before infiltration. The application of PRP can be done with a syringe and a sterile needle by hand with small injections in the whole area to be treated or by the mesotherapy technique, which deals with a mesotherapy pistol in which a syringe, sterile needle and this is infiltrating continuously at a constant rate and at the same depth because it can be calibrated depending on which layer of skin you want to treat.

6- Cleaning the area and mask application: at the end of infiltration of platelet rich plasma, the area will be properly cleaned and a cool regenerating mask will be applied to relieve inflammation and redness.

Do you want to do prp treatment?

Pre and Post Treatment Considerations

Before carrying out the prp injection treatment no special care or preparation is necessary, it is recommended not to be put on or with applied creams as the area will be cleaner and better for the infiltration. Although the professional will clean and disinfect the area always helps to keep the face washed and free of cosmetics. Apart from this recommendation there is no preparation for this procedure.

Sun protection after prp treatment

The best thing about this treatment is that the recovery to your daily life is just the day after the treatment, the only thing that we must take into account that it is not advisable to perform physical exercise, nor pool the same day of the procedure, because it´s not advisable to sweat since much of the infiltrated plasma could be expelled. Sauna use is restricted up to one week after treatment so that the injected collagen growth factors are established on the skin. The most important and we must not forget ... the use of SOLAR PROTECTOR! If the treated areas are exposed to the sun, it´s essential to use a good sun screen, infiltrations with the needle produce small damage to the skin and if bruises are formed it is much more important to cover them, but they can hyperpigment and acquire a permanent darkening of the area. You can use makeup and creams immediately after treatment, so if there is any bruise can be covered without problems and follow your daily routine.

swollen face after prp treatment

There are some "side effects" when performing this treatment, after the infiltration is going to produce a mild erythema accompanied by a burning sensation that will disappear after 2 days. To overcome and calm this irritation is applied directly post treatment a cool regenerative mask as already mentioned before, in addition to treat it at home it is advised to use a cream containing arnica to relieve inflammation, redness and accelerate the reabsorption of possible bruising caused by The injections. The appearance of bruises depends very much on the patient's skin and its capillary resistance, although they are small and are solved in a matter of 3-7 days and even earlier with the use of arnica.

What will we improve with PRP treatment?

Plasma Rich in Platelets is a biostimulator that allows to slow down the aging process, promoting cellular regeneration and restoring normal skin functioning. Treatment with PRP aims to stimulate the metabolism of skin cells to restore skin vitality, increase its thickness, restore elasticity, increase blood flow, promote the secretion of toxic substances and increase the luminosity of the skin . By injecting the Rich Plasma into Platelets, the growth factors found in platelets are established in the skin thereby enhancing the collagen-forming cells.

This treatment will improve our face, neck and neckline, giving a luminous appearance and recovering the absent brightness. The areas in which volume has been lost are restored and the overall texture of the skin changes acquiring a younger appearance. The small wrinkles and folds with PRP infiltration can be eliminated, it acts as a filler always being realistic that very sharp wrinkles and deep wrinkles will improve them but will not make them disappear. We can do this treatment also to treat pores too open, given the growth factors it contains can make pore size decrease.

prp improves the skin

Finally I want to make known the possibility of treating the hands with this procedure, and is that many times we do not pay attention to the small details ... and those are the ones that make the difference. Often we can find people who appear to see their face very well preserved and when you look at their hands, you appreciate a significant deterioration of the skin, wrinkles, spots ... well we have the solution! Do not let the skin on your hands reveal your age and take care of it, using this treatment we can have nice hands and PRP also allows you to eliminate those typical spots of age.

Do you want to know if you are a candidate or not?

The procedure of biostimulation with Plasma Rich in Platelets is advised in all types of skins, because it is a material of the person has no contraindication, we are dealing with a substance that helps the cell regeneration as it contains many factors Of growth, proteins and other nutrients so the plasma does no harm. The target audience for this treatment is very broad, it is advisable both for a young skin in which it helps to maintain cellular vitality and adequate hydration, as in an aged skin which will help as a restorative activating the collagen cells, slowing the aging process by returning tonicity and eliminating the depth of the grooves. There are some exclusion criteria for not being candidates for prp injections, such as:

candidate for prp treatment

  • Women in gestation period.
  • People suffering from serious autoimmune or infectious diseases.
  • Treatment should not be performed if there is active herpes (if there is a history, prophylaxis is recommended).
  • Minors.
  • Alterations in blood coagulation.
  • People on treatment with anticoagulants or AINE's drugs.
  • Decompensated chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus.
  • In patients with unrealistic expectations about treatment.

How long will it take to see the prp results?

Now that you know whether or not you are a candidate to perform the infiltration procedure with Platelet Rich Plasma, we will see how many sessions are necessary and how long to wait between sessions. The number of sessions and intervals can vary slightly depending on the professional who performs it, it will also depend on the state of the skin. If we are talking about well-preserved skin that does not show just signs of aging will obviously be necessary fewer sessions and more spaced over time, however if the skin is very punished in the early stages of treatment sessions will be more frequent until reaching a skin of better quality and then simply keep it. The most common protocol would be 1 session each month, for three months and from that moment a session every 6 months to maintain, instead if the skin is very conserved and young, with a treatment a year later would be sufficient for maintenance.

Prp results

You will see that the changes are appreciable from the first few days after treatment, but you will experience a noticeable change within 20-30 days after treatment. It is a method that reactivates the cells to produce a regeneration of the skin, so that although changes in the early stages of the procedure are visible, the growth factors that activate the collagen cells and all the nutrients injected need some time to settle down. This means that as time goes by we will be seeing greater changes as the texture and appearance of the skin are going to recover vitality loss over the years.

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