PRP: elixir to heal skin diseases

For several decades, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been a highly effective natural technique to stimulate cellular renewal, which has been used successfully in patients to slow down the passage of time, achieving amazing results in the field of aesthetics.

Many have been the celebrities who have applied thePRP to attenuate imperfectionsthat become with the appendages, among them the undesirable wrinkles, scars and loss of the skin and shine of the skin on face and body. For its immediate results and effectiveness in rejuvenation, PRP has been the most revolutionary treatment used in the world of spectacle.

But the PRP goes much further there. In the field of medicine, its regenerative properties have been scientifically proven by physicians from all over the world for the dermatological treatment of some skin diseases, among them acne, vitiligo, skin spots and even alopecia

The specialists highlight the benefits ofprp to heal skin diseases,qualifying it as a balsam orprp elixir for the skin, that allows to repair damaged tissues in the epidermis and stimulate its repigmentation, if it were the case. Ac & aacute; we tell you all about the PRP.

tratamientos PRP como elixir para sanar enfermedades de la piel

What? is the PRP and what are its benefits?

First, thePlatelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment of advanced medical biotechnology, developed on the basis of plasma obtained from the centrifugation of a patient's blood sample, which separates its components to extract the rich growth factors derived from platelets.

The concentrate or platelet balm contained in the plasma is infiltrated in the areas to be treated, which activates the release of growth factors and regenerative function at the cellular level, thus catalyzing the formation of new blood vessels and new tissues.

Among the main benefits ofprp elixir for the skinhighlights:

  • The plasma obtained by centrifugation can be injected in any type of cut tissue.
  • Applied for facial rejuvenation, you get an increase in skin tone and smoothness, luminosity, firmness and elasticity; enhancing its restorative effect.
  • It is a treatment with gradual effect, noticing the effects after two or three weeks. As time passes there is a better appearance.
  • A session may be enough to help the skin repair process, although it is recommended to perform a complete treatment consisting of two to three sessions per year.
  • The technique can be combined with other dermoesthetic treatments.
  • There is no risk of intolerance or rejection because it is a part of the patient's own blood, therefore, there are no adverse reactions or toxic or allergic effects. In some cases, a small bruise may occur because it is a technique that is performed through micropunctions.

Main functions of the PRP

The fame of platelet-rich plasma is due, fundamentally, to its three basic functions, amply proven by aesthetic medicine. These are:

  • Tissue regenerator and skin repairer
  • Natural stimulator of collagen and elastin
  • Anti-aging treatment (improves sagging)

tratamientos PRP y sus beneficios para sanar enfermedades

Need more information about the PRP?

PRP as an integral medical treatment

As we already know, the active principles of platelet rich plasma can stimulate the disappearance of wrinkles, sun spots, stress caused by births or variations in weight and height, as well as as other signs of skin aging.

But, in addition, theprp for skin diseasesIt is widely used for the treatment of various pathologies, such as alopecia (hair loss), acne, osteoarthritis and / or skeletal muscle system injuries, erectile dysfunction and vitiligo.

In many cases, platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP tries to take advantage of the natural healing properties of the blood to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, or even bone. Generally, it is normally used for osteoarthritis of the knee, and hip, but it can be used in other joints.

In these cases, medicine has proven the effectiveness of PRP to:

  • Reduce and even eliminate pain
  • Improve joint function
  • Slow the evolution of osteoarthritis or even repair damages in the cart as far as biologically possible.

That is why athletes and high performance athletes have used theprp as a medical treatmentto heal your musculoskeletal injuries, but mainly to alleviate the chronic pain that they cause you. Celebrities from the sports world such as Rafael Nadal, Kobe Bryant and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of those who have used the PRP for its reparative effect and its effectiveness.

tratamientos PRP para sanar artrosis y dolencias físicas

Theprp for skin diseasesIt has also revolutionized the field of medical sciences for its broad effectiveness in treating diseases such as alopecia and vitiligo. If you suffer from any of these diseases, ac & aacute; we tell you all the details.

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Biostimulation PRP for vitiligo

We will begin by indicating that biostimulation by means of platelet-rich plasma is a regenerative treatment, used for some years in the dermatology of the aesthetic, but that has been used for a long time in other fields of medicine.

As a technique, it is applied during repeated sessions and maintained over time, in order to improve the immune system and accelerate the physiological processes of tissue repair, managing to act against the cellular oxidation process, regenerate tissues and, ultimately, encourage cellular rejuvenation of them.

Basically, thebiostimulation with platelet-rich plasmaconsists of the intradermal application of a concentrate of bioactive proteins, growth factors and peripheral stem cells, obtained from the patient's own plasma, extracted by venipuncture in the arm, as in a routine laboratory routine.

The blood sample is centrifuged based on protocols well established by the scientific community, producing by centrifugation the separation of the plasma (in a liquid layer) from the rest of the blood. Once separated platelet balm or theprp elixir for the skinthe patient is injected again by intradermal micro-injections (mesotherapy) or infiltrations (subcutaneous cell tissue injections).

tratamientos PRP para sanar enfermedad del vitiligo

For these regenerative properties, theprp for skin diseaseswith an adapted methodology started to be used the treatmentprp for vitiligo cases, a disease that is manifested by depigmentation of the skin due to the loss of the melanocytes in the epidermis and whitening of the hair, by loss of the same in the follicular bulb.

In this case, thePRP biostimulationtranslates the biological activity of the growth factors contained in the elixir of the platelets to the depigmented zones affected by the disease.

The technique was implemented by the physician Andreas Overbeck, in a clinic in Madrid, who started the study. to work to perfect the treatment and adapt it to the own characteristics and needs of the skin with Vitiligo, so that the affected patients could promote their re-pigmentation in their skin with this simple and innocuous technique.

Overbeck worked with biostimulation with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), starting from the patient's own blood, using this method as a complement to the standard therapy of photostimulation.

Both therapies, together, achieved the result of restarting the process of prigmentation cutaneous, when this has slowed or stalled. According to the doctor, by entering thebiostimulation prpthe process of re-pigmentation starts again and responds to the stimulation with phototherapy.

The importance of this method is the medical contribution that impliesprp for skin diseases,given the prevalence statistics of vitiligo, pathology that manifests itself with depigmentation of the skin due to the loss of melanocytes in the epidermis and whitening of the hair, due to the loss of the same in the follicular bulb.

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), vitiligo affects 1% of the population, and what is most worrying is that half of the patients develop the disease before they die. 20 years, while 70 to 80% do so before the 30th year.

tratamientos PRP para sanar enfermedad de vitiligo

The cause of vitiligo is unknown. In general, it is associated with autoimmune diseases and triggering factors are frequently detected, such as a stress situation, trauma or sunburn. On the other hand, in one third of patients, there is a family history (dominant autonomic inheritance).

This skin disease can occur in a focal or segmental (somewhere in the body); or in a generalized form (disseminated throughout the body). Starting fromPRP for skin diseases,Overbeck, in more than 12 years of exclusive dedication to vitiligo, has created, developed and perfected different techniques and methods of therapeutic use for the treatment of this disease, with a high percentage of success.

It is worth noting that the progress made in the treatment of vitiligo with prp has been so successful that the Overbeck physician has obtained positive results to treat the "rebellious" regions. of patients with the disease, such as in hands and areas close to the joints, which had given a mild or minimal response to the photo-stimulation. Along with the PRP, however, has achieved a rate of re-pigmentation similar to other regions of the body that normally respond positively to treatment.

PRP for alopecia

The treatment of alopecia or hair loss has had many advances in recent years, but undoubtedly, it remains a challenge for the doctor and patient. The causes of hair loss in men and women are mainly of the genetic and hormonal type.

Currently, at least 25% of men show signs of alopecia at the age of thirty and about 40% of women suffer from hereditary hair loss when they enter menopause. As is logical, at this age hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders, iron deficiency anemia, use of certain medications, stresses can contribute to hair loss.

In the aesthetic medicine, depending on the type and degree of alopecia, we can resort to several alternative techniques for its treatment that could be used alone or in combination. However, it has been platelet-rich plasma, PRP, one of the most widely used in the global medical sector.

tratamientos PRP para curar la alopecia

Indeed, PRP, platelet-rich plasma, has become a breakthrough in the treatment of alopecia and hair growth for men and women, given its properties for cell renewal and regeneration. the hair follicles.

The techniquePRP for cases of alopeciait consists in the intradermal application of the active protein growth factors, produced by all the cells of the body and that are in a greater proportion in the platelets.

This protein complex is derived from platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient himself by blood extraction and subsequent centrifugation. Once the PRP is obtained, the doctor applies it to the scalp through microinjections directly in the area where hair thinning and loss is observed.

The growth factors of platelet-rich plasma activate the hair root, improve hair quality and stop hair loss, with a success and efficiency highly proven by specialists. In fact, celebrities such as Queen Letizia Ortiz from Borbona, is one of the celebrities that has used theEnriched plasma for alopecia, through which he has managed to strengthen his hair, which looks radiant.

In any case, for aesthetic reasons to achieve facial and body rejuvenation, or for medical reasons to cure diseases or pathologies, the efficacy of the enriched plasma has been proven in a strong way, from there. that is considered asprp choose to heal diseases.

tratamientos PRP para sanar dolencias y enfermedades

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