Mesotherapy pistol for PRP: beauty and health at your fingertips

Mesotherapy has become one of the most used techniques by aesthetic medicine for the application of cosmetic treatments, among them themesotherapy for platelet-rich plasma (PRP).It is aaesthetic technique based on the application of microinjectionswith enriched substances that fight cellulite, localized fat, wrinkles and flaccidity; which improve the quality and appearance of the skin, rejuvenating it immediately.

Mesotherapy belongs to the branch of alternative medicine, through which conventional medicines are applied, among them homeopathic, vitamins, amino acids, minerals orplatelet-rich plasma (PRP),among others.

It was invented in 1951 by the French-born physician Michel Pistor, who tried to heal chronic-type bodily ailments. The doctors were trying to repair the ulcers in diabetic patients, through their active principle administered in small intradermal doses. Before theeffectiveness of mesotherapy, ampli & oacute; its use in the field of aesthetic and regenerative medicine, both in facial and body treatments, which are now known and used throughout the world.

aplicación de prp con pistolas de mesoterapia

Why? use mesotherapy?

The benefits in the use of mesotherapy are several, here we are going to detail them:

  • Its application allows to tighten, recover elasticity and luminosity in the skin.
  • It has several uses. There is not a single type, nor a single indication. It is usually applied for facial rejuvenation and hair regeneration.
  • It can combat the opacity of the skin and postpone natural deterioration and repair tissue and damage due to external factors.
  • It runs in sessions of 15 minutes, approximately.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure.
  • Themesotherapy for prpallows the administration of enriched plasma.
  • The administration is exclusive of specialized medical personnel.
  • The contraindications are minimal. For example, this is Contraindicated in pregnant women and patients allergic to vitamins.
  • In more than 90% of cases, it does not generate bruising.

Frequent substances used in mesotherapy?

The substances most frequently applied in facial mesotherapy are:

  • Platelet-rich plasma: enriched platelet component that is prepared from the patient's own blood and administered through themesotherapy for prp
  • Hyaluronic acid: it is one of the most used products, due to its basic component of the organism and living tissues. It helps to recover the elasticity to the tissues and hydration, because it has the ability to attract liquid, that is to say, water.
  • Arginine: used to attenuate expression wrinkles.
  • DNA particles: used to improve skin turgor.
  • Diethylaminoethanol: protects the cellular plasmatic membrane from damage caused by free radicals. This substance has a tensing and firming function that can be seen from the first sessions.
  • Methylsilanetriol: increases the thickness of the skin, redensifies it.
  • Other homeopathic and natural substances with biorevitalizing effects

pistolas mesoterapia para prp

We offer you all the information about mesotherapy and PRP

Types of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is considered as a new therapeutic method, which brings medicines closer to the place where the pathology is located, bearing in mind that there is a real cut map where the patients are represented. organs and their innervation. In this sense, we found sometypes of mesotherapy.

Hair mesotherapy: It consists of an alternative treatment to hair surgery that strengthens the hair follicles and promotes strong and natural hair growth while stopping and preventing its fall. It is Indicated for men and women who suffer a mild or incipient baldness. For this case, homeopathic, medical and vitamin substances are administered with which an area affected by baldness or hair loss is directly treated.

pistolas mesoterapia para prp y regeneración capilar

Facial mesotherapy:It is used for the prevention of aging, attenuation of wrinkles and improvement of flaccidity. It consists of the same technique, but applied on the face, in order to achieve aesthetic results. In this case, the ampoules to be used can have a multitude of functions: tensioners, moisturizers, renovators; and sometimes even an action similar to botulinum toxin. Facial mesotherapy is called a beauty treatment, applied directly to the place where it is needed. Even the area of ​​the jowls, neck and neck can be treated with mesotherapy.

Body mesotherapy:With this treatment we get to hydrate and revitalize the skin of other parts of the body, improving its general appearance (color, tone, texture, etc.). In many cases, the body mesotherapy is used to treat adiposities located in waist, abdomen, chaps and cellulite, among others.

pistola mesoterapia para prp en tratamientos de mesoterapia corporal

Electronic mesotherapy:In this case, mesotherapy uses an electronic injector orpistol for mesotherapy prpelectronic, which has a device to introduce only 2 millimeters of the microneedle into the skin and inject the exact amount of the medicine. This means maximum efficiency and comfort for the patient. It is an ambulatory process of 20-25 minutes and does not require anesthesia or hospitalization and can do its daily activities immediately after the electronic mesotherapy treatment.

How is mesotherapy applied?

For its active principles, theapplication of mesotherapyit's fast. It requires sanitizing the skin to be treated, often a microdermabrasion with a diamond tip is performed first to work better. The session lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and you can use vitamin C, DNA and trace elements. Then the revitalizing combo chosen for the patient is administered and applied in small micropuncture on the face and neck, with a small needle of between 1 and 2 mm.

The result is seen at 24hs, but the first shine on the skin is seen immediately. However, measures must be taken to maintain that. Generally, it is recommended to conduct a session every 15 days during the first month and then, two to three monthly sessions for maintenance. In cases of smokers, who have a more opaque skin due to the effects of smoking, mesotherapy is widely recommended. It can also be used prior to any event that requires a luminous skin and a bright face

Mesotherapy and PRP differences

Both procedures are used very effectively for their regenerative and recovery effects on tissues damaged in the skin. However, the main difference between themesotherapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP), is that the PRP uses as an active principle a compound born of the patient himself (autologous), while mesotherapy incorporates external substances (vitamins or revitalizing).

In most cases, these treatments have more similarities than differences, so they tend to complement each other. Here, we detail the similarities betweenmesotherapy and prp:

  • To see results, a child of 4 sessions is required.
  • The treatments should last at least 4 months.
  • Both mesotherapy and PRP are applied with transdermal injections, and performed by a professional.
  • The contraindications are minimal.
  • In the capillary case, both work by strengthening the hair follicle. These treatments do not regenerate it if it was destroyed.

Why? combine mesotherapy and PRP?

Both themesotherapy, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP)are simple and safe treatments, primarily indicated to rejuvenate and restore treated skin, providing tonicity, elasticity and firmness with natural results, achieving a deep and lasting hydration and providing overall brightness.

In this sense, specialists recommend combining these treatments, since the compound obtained from the sum of the plasma and the mesotherapy drugs, offer excellent results for cell regeneration and the recovery of damaged tissues, between them, the capillary.

beneficios de combinar prp y mesoterapia

Do you need to apply a PRP treatment?

Mesotherapy pistols for prp: types, uses and advantages

Themesotherapy pistols for prpthey have been the most revolutionary inventions of aesthetic medicine. The equipment is ideal for the application of esthetic treatments, whether at the corporal, facial and / or capillary level. In the market there are the mechanical and electronic mesotherapy pistols.

Among the mainadvantages and exclusive benefits of themesotherapy pistols for prpis that they do not lose liquid between punctures, the dosage is exact, the needle that we use is not contaminated, it uses any type of syringes.

In addition, it is a very light device, it can be used in a multiplicity of aesthetic techniques and the relationship between its cost and its benefit is excellent. It can be used for the application of botulinum toxin, both in facial wrinkles and in plantar, axillary and palmar hyperhidrosis. Also its use is excellent in sclerotherapy, among other cases.

With the application of new technologies in cosmetic biomedicine it was developed. theelectromechanical mesotherapy gun,equipment able to perform a force on the syringe symbol to perform the injection by micro drops. Its main advantage is that all punctures are at the same depth or that is required precisely in the treatment.

In the case ofelectromechanical mesotherapy gun,medications are supplied through a syringe with a very small needle called a "mosquito", which has a bevel and has a sharp edge, it is necessary that only penetrate & frac12; bevel to achieve deposition of medicines in the appropriate place where they will have a prolonged effect.

In the case ofmesotherapy pistols for prpelectronic,They have a manual injection mode by electronic button, which is pressed without effort. The equipment can be injected in automatic mode, without pressing or actuating any control, only injects when the needle is inserted. All have interchangeable, sterilizable tips; and also have the possibility of direct injection at 45 & deg; and 90 & deg;, special for areas of irregular surface body.

The market, in addition, there is another type ofelectronic mesotherapy gun,that for the penetration by infiltration of active principles does not use needles. These use a microchip with multiple pins that, by high pressure, introduce said active principle with microchannels. The results are almost immediate, from the first session. However, the medical specialists recommend between 3 and 6 sessions, with excellent results in bags and dark circles.

For both electromechanical, as well as electronic, among the mainadvantages of the mesotherapy gunit is a totally safe procedure; in addition to the accuracy, comfort and precision in the administration of the revitalizing balm used or thePRP.

ventajas de usar pistolas mesoterapia para prp variedad de pistolas de mesoterapia para prp

Mesotherapy pistol models for prp

In the world market, today there are dozens of brands and models ofmesotherapy pistols for prp,but undoubtedly among the most used are the Pistors. Obviously, in addition to being the father of mesotherapy, the Michel Pistor also inventor. the mesotherapy pistols Pistor 4, Pistor 5 and Pistor Eliance, equipment medics necessary for the application of this therapy.

Among all the models, the most commercialized is the Pistor Eliance, ahigh-end mesotherapy gun, the first and only one in the market with specially calibrated doses for the injection of high viscosity products, such as, for example,platelet rich plasma (PRP)

The Eliance is aelectronic mesotherapy pistol for prpsoft and quiet that offers great comfort for the patient, and of application practically painless, even in treatments applied on the face or scalp.

This model has integrated anti-lost function, is suitable for any type of syringe, and thanks to the electronic, precise adjustments of the depth of penetration are achieved, as well as as in the volume that is injected and the duration of the injection.

modelos pistolas mesoterapia para prp Pistor Eliance

In general,mesotherapy pistols for prpThey have ergonomic design and light weight make, easy to push. They have an ergonomic control panel with easy management, which is easily and quickly programmed by selecting the specific values ​​or any of the 6 modes of injection pre-programmed.

Among its main advantages is that it can be used by a person both right-handed and left-handed, allowing a change of hand. In addition, they come with a new generation battery, it is rechargeable in both 220V / 50Hz and 110V / 60Hz, so it is suitable for use in any country.

Themesotherapy pistols for prpPISTOR models are very versatile, can use different types of syringes and needles, and also have programmable functions, such as automatic memorization of the last adjustment, needle length, depth of penetration, syringe volume, injection rate (continuous mode) and time between two injections (mesoperfusion), among others; so they are highly recommended by themanufacturers mesotherapy prpof the current market.

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