I guess we all agree

TheErratic dysfunctionIt is the WORST problem that men face.

NOBODY exempt from sufferingimpotencesooner or later, but there are ways to reduce irrigation ... or evenDELETE EFFECTIVE DISPATCH. How?

Keep reading this article and discover it as thePRP or Platelet Rich Plasma for Erectile Dysfunctionis, today, the best treatment to combat this problem. Having up to 90-95% probability of success, depending on the patients.

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Why theblood plasma for the dysfunction er & c;Is the treatment definitive?

Soon you will know ...

What benefits does thePlasma infiltration in the member

S & iacute ;, I agree with you, the previous title sounds a bit painful, no?

But if I told you that you are not going to have moreerection problemsin your sexual relationships ... go for it?

S & ecute; that the answer to the previous question is a resounding "YES, WHERE DO I SIGN?"

Do you agree, what makes this treatment so effective? Very simple, you can read the pros and cons ofPlatelet Rich PlasmainWikipediaor directly on our website;What is the PRP?.

Let's explain it very briefly so that you know what you are facing.

Here, comes the real story

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma TreatmentIt does not consist in any other thing than in the extraction of blood from your own body and its processing to extract the callsEnriched platelets.

These platelets contain growth factors that favor the rejuvenation of the cells.

and ... the best part?

Theinfiltration of this cellular plasma in the penisfavors the improvement in the quality of erections, both spontaneously and at the time of the act.

Infiltraciones de plasma para mejorar la ereccion

AErratic dysfunction treatmentto the a & ntilde and and you forget

I will tell you First the good news:

Thanks to thisblood plasma for the dysfunction er & c;You can recover that manhood you so desire.

The negative part is the following ...

You will need to perform thisinfiltration of platelet-rich plasmaonce a year, so that you continue to enjoy the same benefits as at the beginning.

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After this couple ... Let's go to what really matters.

TheEfficient Dysfunction and the PRP.It really works.

Does Plasma work to treat impotence? The answer to this simple question will please you all. It works!

More than 80% of the patients we have treated until today, have noticed improvements in their erections at two weeks of treatment.

Others need a second plasma infiltration to really notice the benefits.

But this is not all...

If it is true that the PRP works? in the case of the cases, you will have much better results in those cases in which theErratic dysfunctionest? caused by some vascular problem.

In other words, thePRP treatment for the erroneous dysfunctionwill work IDEAL for those cases in which the blood does not reach the member adequately, preventing its proper erection.

Thesteps to perform Platelet Rich Plasmathey are very simple

Then we will make a quick review of the necessary steps.

Extraccion de prp

See that it turns out to be a very simple treatment and in addition, what is used is AUTHOMATIC (of your own body).

  • It will be taken an analysis of the patient's blood.

With this, what we are looking for is to verify that the growth factors (which, as you remember, come "inside" the platelets), are in their optimal state for their use.

We continue ... What do we do with your blood?

  • Processing of blood.

The blood that is taken out to the patient (usually from the arm), is introduced in a centrifuge to submit it to a VERY high speed of rotation.

What do we get with this?

The blood is separated into its most basic components, among them the substance we are looking for: thePLASMA

  • We already have what we need, LasEnriched platelets

These will be those that we will strategically inject into the areas of the penis to help in the regeneration of the penis.cavernous bodiesof the penis

Between 8 and 10 injections are necessary in a normal session oferectile dysfunction treatment.


Sesiones prp para disfuncion erectil

In twoPRP sessionsnotice the results

If there is no too high deterioration of the areas to be treated, the results will be seen from the second session of thePlatelet Rich Plasma.


How much time are we talking about? In 2 months you will have sex as you have always been.

The first sessions can be spaced up to 1 month between them, so the two sessions will take you only a couple of months.


You want to know if T & Uacute; Could you have normal erections in 2 sessions? We contact you and you tell us


Keep in mind that the PRP treatment is not for ALWAYS.

In other words, the idea is not to undergo a Plasma treatment, but you will have to do it peri-dically.

A priori it may not sound quite right to have to go back to becoming thePRP treatmentevery X time.

But I DO NOT get tired of saying it ...

This treatment works and therefore has an incalculable value for those who suffer this type ofErratic dysfunction.

Ok, we have it clear:

The PRP improve erections SUBSTANTIALLY, but How often do I have to undergo the treatment?

This response depends very much on each patient, the level of deterioration or quality of their erections and the number of initial sessions that take place.

There are many more factors to take into account, but for now we settle for the previous ones.

1 month? 1 year? 2 years?

In the most unfavorable cases, it will be repeated. thePRP processonce a year.

It could be extend to even once every two years.

Prp mejora la disfuncion erectil

The patient will be the one that you really know? first-hand the evolution of the method.

That is, the patient will know. the quality of your erections, the improvements that have been made thanks to the treatment and above all the decline that will go on; appreciating with the passage of time after the first two or threePRP sessions.

The idea is that there is a continuous communication between the patient and the professional who performs the treatment.

In this way it could be done; ensure that Plasma treatment, really give the results it deserves.

Guaranteed results when applyingPRP in the member

What? we can wait to apply thisPlatelet Rich Plasma technique in the penis?

After everything we've talked about so far, I guess you can imagine the effect that theapplication of PRP to combat the dysfunction er & c;.

The vascularisation of the area is greatly improved. This achieves a "rejuvenating" effect and improvement in thevirile member.

This is not everything...

Resultados garantizados con Plasma rico en plaquetas

We could number theBenefits of Plasma in Erectile Dysfunctionin the following list:

  • It improves the power and hardness of erections that until now could be very weak or nonexistent.
  • Increased sensitivity of the entire area. In particular of all the penis and the glans.
  • It also increases the sexual appetite, since the penis receives more blood supply.
  • Could you? begin to appear even the so-called exponential erections, such as those that occur in the morning upon awakening.
  • Logically, the visualization or impression in view of the penis is also affected. Giving a feeling of a younger member.

As s & eacute; with certainty that I have a dysfunction and if I can deal with PRP

There is no effective way that I can explain you here. to diagnose this type of problem.

And much less to know with certainty that theplasma treatment will help to the direction of the penis.

The only thing we can do from our PRP team is to deribe you to the professional in your area where you can directly consult the type of treatment that best suits your case.

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We call you and resolve any doubts you may have about the PRP applied to the erroneous erection.


The PRP is indicated also as a complement to otherstreatments to combat impotence.

Therefore, as we have already said, it is best to go to one of our professionals in your area.

How can I find them? Very easy ...

Go to the nextmain page of PRP, enter your province in the search engine and you will find a large number of clinics and qualified doctors to help you.

S & iacute ;, I wantPlasmaya! but...How much does the PRP cost in the member?

I agree with you, the benefits offered by this treatment far outweigh all the others. I imagine that it will be not expensive?

To your surprise ...

It is not a treatment for anything expensive, nor is it cheap.

It is more, if we make a balance benefits / cost, the PRP is a relatively cheap method.

Each session of platelet-rich plasma in the member virilcuestaaround the450€.

The only "handicap" is that it would have to be done periodically to achieve the desired results.

The best part?

On our PRP platform we are here to help you get the best price and you can benefit from packs, by taking several sessions at a time.

Do you want to know the offers we have right now?


Ofertas en tratamiento PRP


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WATCH OUT! Not all that glitters is gold...

It is very important that you do not let yourself be carried simply for the price.

This treatment can only be carried out by physicians or doctors specialized inPRP applied to the penis.

If you find offers too cheap, you do not even try. Keep in mind that a significant part of the cost will be to buy materials to carry out the treatment.

There is the possibility of using cheap materials that are not of such quality and will not achieve the same results.

For example, the use of low quality test tubes for the separation of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, does not enrich the stolen platelets, etc.

The conclusion?

Do not look for the cheapest when what is there; at stake is youvirility.

Give us advice for the best, go to our professional doctors of the sector, or you will ask us for more information.

Frequently asked questions from patients about theplasma

  • Can I have premature ejaculation by increasing the sensitivity of the penis?

No. If it is true that the sensitivity of the penis and the glans is very favored thanks to the treatment, but in no case will it come to be so increased.

  • Increase & aacute; mysexual appetite?

S & iacute; Appetite or desire to have sex will be seen increased pleasantly by favoring blood flow in the penile area.

  • I submit to a couple of PRP sessions and I will have Lifelong erections?

No. One of the drawbacks of Platelet Rich Plasma is that it will need a peri-reminder reminder depending on the patient.

The PRP will always help, both in theimpotence treatments, as in facials, injuries, etc.

But in all cases the results will be seen gradually and there will be to re-treat the area once or twice a year.

Remember that we are using your own blood to favor your power of "rejuvenation". This is not something that gets from night to morning.

  • ThePRP in the penis, it is very painful?

If it is true that it is present; Introducing the platelet-rich plasma directly into the penis is not as painful as one might think.

More we are talking about an average of 8 to 10 injections.

It will be a fast treatment with a great benefit. I answer the question with another question:

If it were so painful, repeat every year or more of 90% of the patients who are treated first session of PRP?