Centrifuges to prepare enriched plasma

When it comes toprepare platelet rich plasma (PRP)several questions arise. We already saw how to prepare the enriched plasma and what? machinery we need to do it. Now we will tell you how to select the best machineries orcentrifuges to prepare plasma, also known asblood centrifuges.

First of all, we'll start by explaining to you what serving. Understanding the uses ofcentrifugesand the types ofmachines that exist to prepare plasma or geltoday, valuable knowledge that will help you. to choose the best of the market and the best price.

Uses of the PRP centrifuge?

If you still do not know what are the uses and applications of theplasma centrifuge machines, here we explain it to you We will begin by indicating that the main use ofplatelet rich plasma centrifugeis that it can:

  • Accelerate the sedimentation process. (Activates the principle of precipitation of the elements that make up the sample)
  • Divide the plasma of a sample (which are separated into layers, according to their densities)
  • Separate the serum from a sample for a laboratory analysis
  • Determine the capillary sample blood group

Types of centrifuges for PRP?

With the advancement of technology in the health sciences and scientific research, many are the models ofcentrifuges for plasma or centrifuges for PRPwhat's in the market. In any case, it is important that you know the three main indicators that should be considered when searchingmaquinaria PRP.Between: they are: the speed of centrifugation, time and capacity (how many tubes house), prices.

Ac & aacute; we will tell you some of the centrifuge types forplatelet rich plasma obtainedmore common and used in the market.

  • Centrifuges to prepare analgesic PRPs:Thecentrifuge for prp salein anal models it is very common. They are usually classic models, with latches and with brush motor (carbons). Its variable speed drives range from 500 to 3500 revolutions per minute. It has a mechanical clock of 30 to 60 minutes and a wide variety of oscillating heads and fixed angles.

centrifugadora PRP analógica

  • Centrifuges to prepare digital PRPs:This model of equipment has a security system in the automated lid (closes to pressure with power cut when opened) avoiding accidents and spillage of liquid. In general, it has an induction motor with brushes (carbon), mounted on floating rubber support, which provides an excellent self-balancing. In addition, it has a programmable digital controller of time and speed. Thedigital centrifuge for platelet-rich plasmaIt is one of the most used models in the whole world.

centrifugadora prp digital

  • Centrifuges to prepare low speed PRP:Special model to prepare platelet-rich plasma. Their variators of speed oscillate of 500 to 4000 revolutions per minute (rpm). It has a clock of 30 to 60 minutes and a wide variety of oscillating heads and fixed angles. They can be analogous and digital. Between theplasma centrifuge Priceare some of the models can be obtained at low cost.

centrifugadora prp baja velocidad

  • Centrifuges to prepare high speed PRP:This model ofcentrifugadora prpIt has the capacity to reach speeds ranging from 11000 to 14000 revolutions per minute (rpm), useful for processes other than the preparation of PRP bycentrifugation of the blood. You can find each otherdigital centrifuge for platelet-rich plasma, but also anal models, as well as as of large size (24-48 tubes prp) or micro (4-8 tubes).

centrifugadora prp alta velocidad

  • Centrifuges to prepare refrigerated PRP:This team model ofblood centrifugeit can maintain the temperature of the samples at the desired level, in ranges ranging from 0 & deg; C to 40 & deg; C. Generally, they can reach maximum variable speed from 500 to 14,000 rpm. Its centrifugal force is 14,000 G. They can be digital or analogous, in different ranges of processing capacities (from 4 to 48 tubes)

centrifugadora prp refrigerada

  • Centrifuges to prepare cheap PRP:When we searchplasma centrifuge price,find amaquinaria PRPCheap and good quality is possible. In general, those with the lowest price have little accommodation capacity (up to 8-10tubos prp) and have a reduced maximum speed (up to 3500 rpm). However, they are very effective models that allow you to obtainplatelet-rich plasma centrifugationwith the quality and reliability required by samples rich in platelets.

centrifugadora prp barata

You already know how to choose the most suitable PRP centrifuge?

Fundamental considerations for choosing PRP centrifuges

Before acquiring theWhat plasma centrifuge is?It is recommended to take into account some fundamental considerations.

  • Select onewhat prpthat can reach the speed of 4000 revolutions per minute (rpm)
  • To ensure the quality of the product, choose one whosePRP tuberculosisbring your plugs and that they are well housed.
  • In case ofPRP preparation, choose an adapter for a conventional tube of blood or urine of the same dimensions, they are homologous.
  • Select the size of yourcentrifugadora PRPdepending on the volume of cycles you expect to perform daily. Not necessarily, the biggest ones are the best.
  • Meditate if you need a model ofplasma centrifugecooled. If not, focus on the design of the ventilation of your centrifuge, making sure that your samples do not get hot.
  • Let the lid of theplatelet rich plasma centrifugehave two front closure points, so that it is more balanced.

Acquire plasma centrifuges at the best market price

PRP centrifuges: used equipment and models

In thesale centrifuge for platelet-rich plasmaThere are models of equipment that are the most used and demanded in the market. Amongst these, are:

Low Speed ​​Centrifuge VE 4000 Plus (Quimex):Highly commercialized equipment amongPRP machineries. It has an electromagnetic motor free of carbons and brushes. Capacity for 24 tubes. Pre-set rotation speed, center time and force up to 4000 rpm. Liquid crystal display, tactile, warning and alarm system to provide various protections.

centrifugadora prp quimex

Low speed digital centrifuge and LED display (Quirumed):Highly commercialized equipment. It is adigital centrifuge for platelet-rich plasmavery used in laboratories. It has speed regulator and timer to adapt the process. Up to 8 sample tubes can be included in the center of the leak. Rotational speed up to 4000 rpm.

centrifugadora prp quirumed

High capacity refrigerated centrifuge (Biobase 2017):Refrigerated digital equipment highly marketed for its capacity and high speed, since it has an ultra center leakage of up to 16600 rpm (with the Regen Laboratories PRP certification) and with capacity for up to 12 tubes. Atplasma centrifuge priceThis model is one of the most competitive.

centrifugadora prp biobase

Rain kit:Among the most used PRP equipment also highlights the use ofDisposable prp kitsfor himplatelet rich plasma obtained.Amongst these, is the RegenKit, composed of disposable sterile tubes, butterfly needle, transfer devices and syringes, packed in a double ampoule for single use. The gel separator of RegenKit cells & reg; allows an easy, fast and consistent preparation, from a small blood volume, of A-PRP with a concentration and viability of optimal platelets

kits prp, regenkits prp

Prices of plasma centrifuges

As is logical, in addition to considering the capabilities of theWhat plasma centrifuge is?, there is another indicator in which we look carefully before acquiring it: the price. And that's when it comes to the & iacute; templasma centrifuge PriceThe variety of costs can end up being infinite.

As we previously mentioned, the fundamental indicators to consider when we think about acquiring ablood centrifugeare: the speed of centrifugation, time and capacity (how many tubes it houses). Therefore, each one of them will affect theprice of the PRP.

Usually, in the sites ofsale centrifuge for platelet-rich plasmaWe can find prices that range between 70 and 500 euros forcentrifugal machinesprpwhich are analogous, with reduced capacity for the tube housing (4-8 tubes) and with a speed of up to 3500 revolutions per minute (rpm). The variety of prices is widened by the breadth of manufacturers and countries of origin of the same.

On the other hand, when it comes todigital centrifuge for platelet-rich plasma, with greater accommodation capacity and whose speeds can range between 11000 and 16000 rpm, prices may vary between 1,500 and 8,000 euros. In this case, it will also have an impact the quality of the brands and countries of origin of the manufacturers.

However, incentrifuge machine for prpIn the current European market, you can find good, modern and digital equipment with average speed capacities and tubes, which do not exceed 2 thousand euros. Even refrigerated equipment and with various centrifugation modalities. However, it is recommended to take a suitable time to find the right equipment and not buy from the beginning.

In this sense, it is very important before seeing the catalog ofplasma centrifuge priceand the capabilities of the prp team, it is first recommended to define very well for what? needs tothe plasma centrifuge? How many production cycles of enriched plasma do I produce to the day? How much time will it require? That is to say, the standards and volume of processing and production of PRP have to be defined very well to the day. Of this, depend & aacute; to a large extent the kind ofWhat plasma centrifuge is?that is going to select, and therefore, the price of it.

In many cases, the premise applies "not always more is better". That is, not alwaysplasma centrifugeslarge and with higher centrifugation speed are the most indicated. If you handle lower processing volumes and have a large PRP machine, then you should expect to have many samples to balance the weight within the equipment. In the same way, it happens the other way around. If we must process many samples, but ourblood centrifugeis small, then it will imply subjecting the equipment to many cycles of centrifugation per day, running the risk of overheating the machine and, therefore, also the enriched plasma samples.

All these aspects of the cost-benefit relationship must be previously analyzed at the moment of selecting it.What plasma centrifuge is?more suitable for you,since it will depend on it the quality and life time of the team. Finally, it is suggested to ask about the benefits associated with purchases, such as discounts and free shipping offered by the stores.centrifuge for prp sale.

analizando precios para comprar centrifugadoras prp

Implements to prepare platelet-rich plasma: vacutainer tubes

In addition, from theWhat plasma centrifuge is?, there are other necessary tools in the process ofobtaining platelet-rich plasma.Among these are thetubes for extraction of enriched plasma, also calledPRP tubes or vacutainer tubes. These were designed for venipuncture, especially for the extraction of blood in the ulnar region of the arm. They consist of a glass and plastic tube PET (polyethylene phthalate) sealed in vacuum with a soft plastic plug (blue), which allows a needle to pass through it with a slight pressure.

Thetubes for plasma or PRP tubesthey are sterile and single-use; they contain a solution of trisical citrate buffered as an anticoagulant. All the coagulation tubes are internally covered by a double layer of silicone specially treated to avoid contact of the blood with the glass surface.

In the vacutainer tubes orPRP tuberculosis, citrate acts by preserving the coagulation factors V and VII; and in addition, it prevents the adherence of the hematis. Usually, they are sold per box of 100 units. The price may vary, depending on the quality of the product, manufacturers and countries of origin. It will also have an impact the type of anticoagulant used, whether it is citrate or EDTA. In some stores or suppliers, you can find very good prices, but always have an impact. the number of PRP tubes you are going to acquire. Discounts are always better when they are purchased in bulk.

tubos prp vacutainer

Do you need advice to acquire your PRP machinery?