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I feel satisfied with the application of PRP treatment on my face. My spots have almost completely disappeared, and in the first session. I highly recommend them. It is only necessary to contact the PRP staff
Irma- Vitoria

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We are a world reference in the application of PRP treatments in Spain

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Specialized care in regeneration of tissues in chronic or acute lesions

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Treatment of lesions with plasma enriched in Vitoria

Enjoy the Gothic beauty in the architecture of the streets and squares should be the main task in the city ofVitoria. Without a doubt, it is a hidden paradise in the Basque Country, where you can find all the services of a large city.

That is why this beautiful place, located in the north of Spain, also has an excellent health service, which includesaesthetic and regenerative medicine. Vitoria-Gasteiz, as the capital of the autonomous community of the Basque Country, has a large directory of clinics and medical teams that specialize in the application of platelet-rich plasma treatments, or PRPs, which act as catalysts for the regeneration of the damaged tissues in the epidermis.

Its effectiveness is beyond doubt. ThePRP treatmentshave been repeatedly tested for the elimination of wrinkles on the face, elimination of stretch marks and cellulite in the body, as well as treatment of scars due to acne, among others.

InVitoria, as in the rest of Spain, one of the most demanded PRP treatments is the infiltration of enriched plasma for the healing of joint injuries, mainly knees and elbows, which are worn down over the years.

Thousands of people have used this 100% biological and reliable treatment to recover the elasticity and elongation of muscles, cartilage and epidermis in general. With ourmedical equipment in Vitoria, you can achieve these results immediately.

As you know, the PRP treatment is one of the safest procedures, developed with a small sample of your own blood, to which a centrifugation mechanism is applied to separate the platelets, which, when reinjected into the body, can repair damaged tissues.

In Vitoria, we have the greatest disposition to assist you and offer you the advice you need, as well as all the previous information about prp treatments, which have no side effects. On the contrary, it is based on a simple process, without hospitalization and without application of anesthesia. The session lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and its effects are immediate.

If you are in Vitoria or any city in the Basque Country, do not hesitate to come to us. We offer you absolute guarantee and reliable results in our PRP clinics!

If you would like this clinic or any other of our clinics in Vitoria to undergo your prp treatment. Enter your phone here and we'll call you.

Associated prp clinics in Vitoria?

The charm of the city ofVitoria-Gasteizmakes wandering through its streets an authentic wonder. But if it is to locate some ofour PRP clinicsYou will not have to make much effort. We are all over the Basque Country!

Locating a medical center near your location does not have to be complicated. Contact our team of professionals and immediately we will locate you thePRP clinic in Vitoriacloser to your home or work address.

It is worth noting that our professionals are fully trained to offer advice on the most appropriate PRP treatments for you, in response to your requirements for comprehensive health and your desires to achieve aesthetic improvements without surgery. We are the best in the field ofregenerative medicine throughout Vitoria.

Contact us and we will immediately locate you the PRP medical center that best suits you. In addition, we offer you the service of scheduling appointments, selecting appropriate treatments and designing a budget according to your financial possibilities.

Enter your information and we will call you immediately. Live the prp experience with the best of the industry in Vitoria-Gasteiz! Do not forget, the best way to help you is by contacting us. Think no more!

Some prices on PRP treatments in Vitoria

If you are one of those who worry about the high costs in the application of aesthetic or cosmetic treatments, we have good news for you. Already inVitoriayou have all thetreatments of platelet-rich plasmaat the most affordable costs of the current European market. We have no competition!

In oursAssociated clinics in Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the Basque Country, we offer you the best prices, with the total guarantee of satisfaction in our services, given the extensive experience and experience of our medical specialists.

To give you an idea, we enclose a box with the list of indicative prices of the most demanded treatments in Spain. However, we remind you that the cost ofyour final budgetit will depend on the treatment you select, as well as the number of sessions prescribed and the clinic you choose.

Analyze the price list that you attach and contact us. If you do not find the desired treatment, do not worry. It is only an orientation guide, which does not include all our services. Enter your number and we will help you schedule your appointment at the nearest clinic and at the time of your preference.

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