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I was very happy with the results obtained. My face looks much more rejuvenated with the treatment that I was applied to the spots and wrinkles. Reliable medical equipment and quite affordable prices.
Lola- Vigo

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Plasma treatments enriched in Vigo

Almost the entire Iberian Peninsula already has our servicesenriched treatment of platelet plasmas, or PRP, between themthe city of Vigo, in the province of Pontevedra. This beautiful port city is one of the most important in Spain, so you can find there the most versatile and innovative treatments of regenerative medicine.

ThePRPIt is not only about guaranteeing facial beautification, applicable for those who wish to have a beautiful complexion. No, on the contrary. The wide range of applicationsPlatelet Rich Plasma treatmentsIt is increasingly known, both for its effectiveness and its low costs.

The clinics ofVigoThey have a team of PRP professionals, highly specialized in aesthetic and cosmetological medicine, with a proven experience in the application of plasmas for the elimination of spots, wrinkles, acne and dark circles, among others. All those imperfections today can be treated with PRP with immediate results.

But, in addition, theenriched plasmaIt is widely used in the treatment of other diseases or common pathologies, including alopecia (hair loss), erectile dysfunction and chronic and / or acute injuries in all types of joints, mainly knees and elbows.

The treatment with plasma is 100% biologicaland at present it is one of the safest procedures. With just a small sample of your own blood, a mechanism of separation of platelets by centrifugation is applied, which are then injected into the areas to be treated, thus stimulating the repair of damaged tissues in a few minutes.

InVigo, as in almost all the Autonomous Community of Galicia, our specialized medical team is already available to assist you and offer you the advice you need. The most important thing is that the application ofprp treatments have no side effects. This simple process does not merit hospitalization or anesthesia application. Your estimated time of duration in each session is 30 minutes, at most.

If you are inVigo, Do not hesitate to contact us. We immediately give you all the advice you need to obtain the desired results!

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Associated prp clinics in Vigo?

Find a clinic in Vigoclose to your home is easy. You just have to contact us to locate the medical center that suits you the most. We can help you schedule your appointments, appropriate treatments and the best, establish a budget according to your pocket. Enter your information and we will call you immediately. Live the prp experience with the best of the bunch!

Ourassociated PRP clinicsThey are settled throughout the province of Pontevedra, as we have been growing to give you the most complete and close attention to you. The best way to help you is by contacting us. Our staff of professionals will provide you with all the information about treatments, schedules, reservations and prices.

InVigo, the centers are located strategically, so you do not have to move long distances from your home or work site. Think no more! Contact us and we will refer you to the clinic closest to your location.

Approximate prices of PRP treatments in Vigo

When it comes toaesthetic treatments, one of the aspects that most often limit us is precisely the prices. In general, they do not fit our economic possibilities. This is not the case of PRP treatments in Spain.

Without a doubt, we are the best offer in the European market. InVigowe offer you the best prices, with the total guarantee of satisfaction in our services, backed by the proven experience of our professionals.

To give you an idea, in the box below we indicate a list of prices of the most demanded treatments in Spain. But first, we remind you that the price of your budget will be subject to the treatment you select, as well as the number of sessions prescribed and the clinic you choose.

Check the price list and contact us. Immediately, we help you to schedule your appointment at the nearest clinic and at the time of your preference.

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