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I had a strong complex because of the scars left by the acne on my face. Finally I decided to do something and contacted the PRP staff in Catalonia. They gave me ample attention, the adequate advice for the application of the PRP treatment. Now I see the results and I feel happy about my new complexion.
Virginia- Terrace

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Health and facial beauty with PRP treatments in Terrassa

It is not a myth. The results of the application oftreatments with platelet-rich plasmathey are totally effective and immediate. It is enough to make the decision to contact our PRP staff so that you can experience the rewarding experience of having health and beauty in your face and body.

If you live inTerrace, or anywhere in theCommunity of Catalonia, we invite you to contact us to know all our offer of the most advanced treatments and prices, the best in Europe. Here we tell you how the treatment works.

How does the PRP work?

Biotechnological treatment is developed on the basis ofPlatelet rich plasma, obtained from a small sample of the patient's own blood, which are released in the site or area to be treated by the body, to help rebuild the damaged tissue, generating areparative effectwhich is used to rejuvenate the skin.

In general, it can be applied as a preventive treatment, in the case of younger skin, or as restorative or corrective therapy, in those aged skins, with scars or spots. Whatever your case, the treatment is highly effective.

How does it apply?

ThePRP is a painless and ambulatory procedure. On average, at least one session of 30 or 40 minutes is required for the application of the treatment. Obviously, each patient undergoes a history and clinical evaluation prior to its application, where the treatment that best suits him to obtain the desired effects is determined.

Once the sample has been extracted, the patient's own blood is centrifuged, through which its components are separated to extract the rich growth factors derived from the platelets, a totally biological and 100% reliable process.

The most important thing is that there is no risk of allergic reactions or rejection in the patient, because their own blood is used, which constitutes a highly safe procedure.

Where does it apply?

In many cases, thePRP treatmentIt is used for various aesthetic purposes, mainly for the elimination of sun spots, wrinkles, stretch marks caused by births or variations in weight and height, as well as other signs of skin aging. Therefore, it can be applied on face, neck, hands and throughout the body.

At the same time,the PRP has medical applicationsfor the treatment of various pathologies, such as alopecia (hair loss), acne, osteoarthritis and / or injuries of the skeletal muscle system, up to erectile dysfunction. Contact us and we guide you!

If you are inTerraceor anywhere in the Catalan region, write us. We offer you absolute guarantee and reliable results inour PRP clinics.

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Associated PRP clinics in Terrassa?

Terrace, like the rest of the Community of Catalonia, has a widePRP clinics network, through which you can treat yourself with the utmost reliability and experience of our professionals.

We can provide you with the most complete advice, so you can locate thePRP medical centerthat suits you best, schedule appointments and free diagnoses, with the aim that you can select the most appropriate treatment for your case.

To assist you in the best way is our goal. That is why we have taken care to extend throughout Spain, to be close and available to all our customers. Contact the PRP staff, we offer you our services without major commitment. Live the PRP experience with the best of the industry inTerrace

Prices in PRP treatments in Terrassa

If your financial availability is limited, you should not worry about the cost of our treatments.PRP is an aesthetic treatment without surgerywhich is accessible to all. You should only consult with our PRP staff.

It is precisely the price vs. price ratio quality the main attraction of our offer in aesthetic medicine. InTerrace, as in the whole Catalan region, you already have all the treatments of platelet-rich plasma at insuperable costs.

It is worth noting that allour associated clinics in Terrassathey are supported by the extensive experience and specialized medical personnel. So, if you need more guidance on the budget for you, contact us.

Here we offer you aprice list, which act as a mere guide, which does not include all our services, just to give you an idea of ​​the costs.

Enter your number and we will help you schedule your appointment at the nearest clinic and at the time of your preference.

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