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PRP in pamplona
Prp treatment in pamplona

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I undergo a PRP treatment pamplona they manage me everything, very professional.
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Prp in pamplona

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Prp treatment clinics in pamplona and surroundings

pamplona hosts clinics specializing in the treatment of platelet-rich plasma with highly trained professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine. The treatment itself is not very complicated. platelet rich plasma preparation method is very easy, all you need is a sample of blood that is obtained as a routine blood draw, then centrifuged separating the different parts that form the blood due to The different densities of the materials that compose it and so the prp is taken that is what we need.

Once obtained can be used for different purposes and you can add other substances in this way you can get different things at the same time. In the case of the use of prp treatment for face, here the function of the plasma is to generate a revitalization of the cells of the skin to get them to return to work properly. With the growth factors it contains it helps stimulate the production of collagen as well. All this translates into a luminous skin with a greater elasticity.

Platelet rich plasma can also be used for the treatment of hair loss, in this case the plasma is injected into the scalp by stimulating the hair follicles thanks to the growth factors. In this way a revitalization of the hair is achieved and in early processes of alopecia aids to hair repopulation. If you have weak hair or are suffering from an important hair fall, platelets rich plasma for hair is your treatment.

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¿Where are our associated prp injection specialist clinics located in pamplona? ?

Our partner clinics in the city of pamplona are spread all over the city, although most are located in the center of the city, we also work with some clinics on the surroundings of the city. So you do not have to worry, we are sure that we can find a prp clinic near your location.

The best way to get your treatment with platelet rich plasma is to get in touch with us in that way, we can provide you with the clinics near your location, appointments available, etc. All you have to do is enter your data in one of the sections where we ask and we will contact you immediately.

Price list of plasma injections in pamplona

The platelet rich plasma therapy has a cost quite affordable to be an aesthetic treatment. This price will vary upwards or downwards depending on the clinic in which you perform the treatment, the number of treatments recommended by the professional and of course your expectations regarding the treatment.

The professionals specialized in prp treatments in our partner clinics use this material applied to all possible uses, so if you do not find what you want to do in the list below don´t worry, contact us and we´ll give you a customized budget to your needs.

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