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I got pimples on my face, so I went looking for help. I received good care for the treatment of my acne with prp. Widely recommended services, very good professionals.
Isabella- Las Palmas

Clinics for PRP Treatments in Palma Gran Canaria

Prp treatment applied to hair regeneration, to stop hair loss with PRP

We have the latest technology of applied regenerative medicine to treat problems of alopecia and aesthetics in general More info and Prices

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Prp in Palma Gran Canaria

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PRP or Enriched Plasma Treatments in Las Palmas

To pamper your body andrejuvenate your skin, the place does not have to be an inconvenience. Where you reside or where you travel, there we are to assist you. EvenIf you decide to go on a vacation in the Canary Islands, there we can offer you the bestTreatment of platelet-rich plasma in Las Palmas

The multicultural variety and the tourist offer of this paradisiacal island are widely recognized all over the world. But, also, nowadaysLas Palmas has our best servicesof treatment of platelet-rich plasma and with a multidisciplinary team, specialist in the application of aesthetic treatments, who will allow you to achieve the facial rejuvenation that you have always longed for.

The PRP is ahighly beneficial treatmentfor skin care, especially for those who live in coastal or island areas, who know the importance of protecting the face and body in general, from the effects of the inclement sun that radiates throughout the year. That is why they are ideal candidates for the application ofPRP treatments in Las Palmas and its surroundings.

From now you cansay goodbye to sun spots, wrinkles, stretch marks and other signs of skin aging. This is thanks to our team of highly trained professionals for the application of PRP treatments, using the mostNovel techniques and technologies usedin the area of ​​aesthetic and cosmetic care of the current world.

In addition to the cosmetic objectives, thePRP can be applied for medical purposes, aimed at helping with the overall health of your body. This includes application of plasma to treat cases of erectile dysfunction, alopecia (hair loss), acne, osteoarthritis and / or injuries of the musculoskeletal system, among others. Contact us and we guide you!

The most important thing is thatthe risks of contraindications or infections are very low, so prp treatment stands as one of the safest biological procedures nowadays, since it is developed using the organic material of our body, prepared to act by stimulating the repair of damaged tissues.

ThePRP application is both fast and effective, does not require hospitalization or use of anesthesia. Each session has an estimated duration of 30 minutes. However, the effects are not permanent, as it is recommended to apply the treatment accompanied by one or two maintenance sessions a year, in order to achieve fantastic results.

The prp treatment in Las Palmas is now a reality!Think no more! We are the best in Spain in the PRP treatment

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What are our prp clinics in Las Palmas?

Find the nearest clinicor what more suits you in the provinceLas PalmasIt does not have to be complicated. Contact us, and immediately we give you the guidance so that you can access our prp clinics in theCanary Islands.

Our partner clinics are located throughout the Island, because we have been growing to provide you with the most complete and close attention to you. The best way to help you is by contacting us. Our staff will provide you with all the information abouttreatments, schedules, reservations and prices.

We can help you schedule your appointments and establish a budget according to your requirements and needs. Enter your information and we will call you immediately.Live the PRP experience with the best in the industry!

List of indicative prices of treatments with Platelet Rich Plasma in Las Palmas

A great variety of indicators and factors affect the price of our treatments withPlatelet Rich Plasma in Las Palmas.But being a quick and simple biological procedure, the costs are usually affordable for everyone.

The final price will depend on the type of treatment desired, as well as the clinic selected, whose scales of professional payments are different. In addition, it will influence the number of sessions that recommend to apply, depending on the objectives and effects you want to achieve.

Do not leave with doubt! Contact the PRP staff in Las Palmas- Gran Canaria and ask for the advice to achieve the dream of improving your health and illuminating your skin by applying the prp treatment.

We tell yousome prices of our most requested treatments in Las Palmas.If you do not see what you want here, do not worry. We help you to schedule it at the clinic closest to your home, at the time of your preference. Contact us!

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