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I´m very happy with the results of the plasma in the face, the PRP team organized an appointment with the clinic that best suited my location. Very good professionals.
Catherine - Málaga

Clinics for PRP Treatments in Málaga

Treatment clinic prp malaga malaga

The consultation we had at this clinic in Malaga is one of the most requested of our entire service. More info and Prices

This Clinic offers:
Prp Treatment facial  Prp Treatment para capilar  Prp Treatment for injuries  

Treatments PRP clinic Mirall Médica

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment performed at the Mirall Médica clinic in the downtown area of Málaga | The best PRP treatments More info and Prices

This Clinic offers:
Prp Treatment facial  Prp Treatment para capilar  Prp Treatment for injuries  

PRP treatments in clinic rehabilitation the Consul

Consult prices and types of PRP treatments for injuries in the Rehabilitation Clinic El Consul More info and Prices

This Clinic offers:
Prp Treatment facial  Prp Treatment para capilar  Prp Treatment for injuries  

Would you like a PRP treatment in any of these clinics in Málaga or Would you like to know what the price of PRP in these clinics? Just write your phone number and we'll call you.

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Injections PRP in Málaga and surroundings

Málaga is one of the most touristic cities in Australia. It is a city located on the east coast of the continent that has a warm and pleasant climate during the 365 days of the year. Thanks to its location and its good temperature throughout the year, it is a city that has a great traffic of people who travel here to enjoy the wonderful places and beaches.

Given its good weather Málaga is a city where people due to good weather exposes their body. This leads to a culture of physical appearance, sport and a healthy lifestyle. But the worship of the body also leads to want to look more tanned, so spend many hours in the sun causing skin damages. The aging of the skin is accelerated due to the excessive exposure of solar rays.

One of the treatments to help the regeneration of the skin and thus slow the signs of aging, is the treatment with platelet rich plasma. Prp is like a package of growth factors that will give aging cells what they need to regain their vitality. Giving a luminous appearance and a better texture to our skin.

The service offered by the PRP team is very simple, you simply have to contact us and tell us the type of treatment you want, we will offer you an approximate budget and you can choose from the great variety of clinics that perform this prp theraphy in Málaga, depending on The proximity, prices and results offered by our professionals.

If you would like this clinic or any other of our clinics in Málaga to undergo your prp treatment. Enter your phone here and we'll call you.

Where to find our clinic in the Málaga area?

There are numerous clinics that perform the facial prp in Málaga,it is one of the most common treatments performed with plasma but also is performed for regrowth hair and injuries. These clinics are spread throughout the city in different neighborhoods ot more than 20 minutes away. These are clinics specializing in cosmetic treatments or specialized clinics in skin treatments. They all consist of highly qualified teams and experts in this type of treatment.

The best way is to contact us and we will provide you with information about prp injection cost, available appointments, nearby clinics, etc. Simply call us or enter your phone number in any section where we ask.

We have recently expanded the number of clinics we work with and we have several clinics in the Málaga area at your disposal ... just enter your details, we will call you as soon as possible, once we know your needs and which treatment you want to do, we will provide you with several budgets, you can choose the one that suits your pocket without compromise.

Approximate price list of PRP treatments

Here you can see some of the services that we offer in our partner clinics. It is important to bear in mind that these data are merely orientative, may vary depending on the clinic and the professionals.

Remember the treatment with platelet rich plasma is often used in facial rejuvenation, hair loss or injury. But it is used for other purposes such as: stretch marks, acne marks, burns, ulcers ... etc. Then if you do not find what you want in the list, do not worry, contact us to get a quote more adjusted to your needs.

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