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After my third child and despite having used creams to avoid stretch marks, many appeared throughout the abdomen. I decided to try this new prp treatment on stretch marks and I am super happy. I´ve put on a bikini again! :)
Nicola - Madrid

Clinics for PRP Treatments in Madrid

Diego de León Clinics for PRP treatments

All types of PRP treatments in the clinics of Dr. Diego de León in the area of ​​Madrid and surroundings. More info and Prices

This Clinic offers:
Prp Treatment facial  Prp Treatment para capilar  Prp Treatment for injuries  

Clinic Elena Jimenez

Treatments of Plasma Rich in Platelets of all type in the PRP clinic of Elena Jimenez More info and Prices

This Clinic offers:
Prp Treatment facial  Prp Treatment para capilar  Prp Treatment for injuries  

PRP treatments in menorca clinic

All types of Platelet Rich Plasma treatments with the best experts in the sector More info and Prices

This Clinic offers:
Prp Treatment facial  Prp Treatment para capilar  Prp Treatment for injuries  

PRP Treatments at MedSolutions Clinic

Clinic specialized in all types of PRP treatments in the Madrid area, very good price and quality of treatment More info and Prices

This Clinic offers:
Prp Treatment facial  Prp Treatment para capilar  Prp Treatment for injuries  

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Prp in Madrid

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Prp treatments in Madrid and surroundings

Madrid is the second city with more population of australia, is located to the south of the continent. It is one of the most touristy cities in Spain along with Sydney, given this great flow of people makes this city very cosmopolitan and hosts a great multiculturalism. Due to the quality of life provided by this magnificent city, has caused many professionals in the field of plastic and aesthetic medicine decided to start their business here. This phenomenon has led to the merging of different trends in what aesthetics are concerned.

The treatments with platelet rich plasma for aesthetic hasn´t been used in Spain very much but day after day they are finding new uses for such a good procedure. It began with the use of prp skin treatments in Madrid, treating acne problems, spots and improving the quality of skin punctured by time and sun exposure. After a time has been investigated its use in patients with stretch marks, hypertrophic scars, skin blemishes ... but one of the most revolutionary aspects has been the prp hair treatment (also in Madrid).

Nowadays is one of the star treatments in the city followed by Brisbane due to the success of the results that prp provides to those people with hair loss problems or with capillary weakness. It is a painless treatment and does not need a recovery period, so it is very comfortable. It is a very interesting alternative for many of our clients who are in early stages of alopecia that do not want to get a hair transplant, much more aggressive and that entails a rather arduous recovery period. Thanks to our great professionals with international experience Madrid is one of the cities of choice for many patients looking for hair improvement without having to resort to a hair graft.

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Where are prp clinics located in Madrid?

Our clinics specializing in platelet rich plasma treatments in Madrid are located in the urban center of the city. Located on the busiest and most central streets, they are very accessible if you do not have your own transport, it is not a problem since public transport in the city works very well.

It is best that you contact us and we will provide you with information about platelet rich plasma injections cost, which clinics are close to you, when you can perform the treatment, etc. Simply call us or enter your phone in any section where we ask.

Guidance price list for some prp treatments in Madrid

Here you can rate the price list on the various prp treatments that are performed in the city of Madrid. This way you can compare prp injections cost in Spain, and select the best price for you. The price may vary depending on the clinic or professionals, but it is important to know that it will depend on the number of treatment sessions and the outcome that you expect the price to swing up or down.

Remember that in our clinics there are numerous prp treatments, we have listed the most common if you do not find what you want in the list, do not worry, contact us to get a quote more adjusted to your needs.

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