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I thought that disappearing the spots and recovering the beauty of my face was going to be very painful and expensive, but it was not like that. The PRP team advised me on the proper treatment and today I see the results. I really recommend them. Make your appointment!
Martha- La Coruña

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PRP treatments and aesthetic medicine in La Coruña

Medical team highly specialized in aesthetic medicine without surgeries and PRP treatments in the Community of Galicia More info and Prices

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prp treatments and aesthetic medicine in La Coruña

We offer the most modern treatments in PRP dedicated More info and Prices

This Clinic offers:

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Prp in La coruña

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Treatments with platelet-rich plasma in La Coruña and its surroundings

Making the decision and going after the face and body that we want may not be so simple. But if we have the reliability and100% experience specializing in PRP treatmentsFrom a team of doctors to our service, the decision becomes easier.

InLa Coruña, as in almost the entire Galician community, we already offer the widest range oftreatments of platelet-enriched plasma, PRP, biotechnology highly used and recommended to recover the beauty and freshness of our skin.

Its variety of applications and attractive costs, makes it the ideal option to eliminate our imperfections in face and body. The technique is usually applied to stimulate thefacial rejuvenation, which includes elimination of wrinkles, blemishes, scars and even acne, among others.

It is worth noting that already inLa Coruñaequipment and technologies of the latest generation are available for the application of the most modernPRP treatments, with the guarantee of quality and satisfactory results that are backed by the proven experience of a multidisciplinary staff of physicians and specialists in body aesthetics.

How does the PRP work?

PRP is biological treatmentand 100% reliable, developed on the basis of the plasma obtained from the centrifugation of a blood sample taken from the same patient, which is rich in growth factors derived from platelets.

These platelets contained in the plasma (extracted from your blood) have the property of releasing the growth factors, and fulfill the function of encouraging theCell regenerationin your face or body, promoting the formation of new blood vessels and producing new tissue.

The most important thing is that it is a simple, totally ambulatory procedure that is carried out in specialized consultations with 30-minute sessions. During the same, our medical team cleans and prepares the area to be treated, where small punctures with a very fine needle will be applied, to reintroduce the platelets in the body, thus working the miracle of cell regeneration.

If you are inLa Coruña or anywhere in the Community of Galicia, we invite you to contact us. We are responsible and highly competent, so we offer you absolute guarantee of reliable results in our PRP clinics.

If you would like this clinic or any other of our clinics in La coruña to undergo your prp treatment. Enter your phone here and we'll call you.

Associated PRP clinics in La Coruña?

Even when moving through the beautiful streets and avenuesLa Coruñabe a pleasure, you will not have to travel long distances to find one of ourAssociated PRP clinics in Galicia. We are strategically located throughout the city of La Coruña and its surroundings, to offer you the most complete and close attention to your home or work site.

As part of the expansion of our PRP services throughout Spain, we have located throughout the Autonomous Community of Galicia, especially inLa Coruña, with the aim that you always have at hand one of ourclinics specializing in PRP.

Contact the PRP staff, we offer you the appointment scheduling service, selection of suitable treatments and the design of a budget according to your possibilities. Enter your information and we will call you immediately. Live the PRP experience with the best of the industry in La Coruña!

Prices on PRP treatments in La Coruña

When it comes to theapplication of PRP treatments, the issue of costs should not cause you alarms, or self-restrictions. We are the most competent and at the best cost of the entire Spanish market, which also offers you guarantee and quality in the results you aspire to obtain.

That is why, inLa Coruña, as in almost all the Community of Galicia, you have all the platelet-rich plasma treatments at incredible costs. You just have to contact us and check it personally, with the advice of our specialized staff.

As we indicated, all ourAssociated clinics in La CoruñaThey have the guarantee backed by the extensive experience and experience of our medical specialists, with affordable prices.

If you need guidance and an approximate budget for you, contact us. Enter your data in the lower segment!

If you have any doubts, we attach a list of reference prices on the most demanded treatments in Spain. Although of course, we remind you that the cost of your final budget will depend on your treatment, number of prescribed sessions and the clinic you choose. The following is just a simple guide, which does not include all our services.

Enter your number and we will help you schedule your appointment at the nearest clinic and at the time of your preference.

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