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It is difficult to accept that the years pass and our hair falls out. The PRP team in Gijón helped me a lot to decide on what treatment I should have for my alopecia problem. Today I am happy with the results, I recommend you.
Juan Carlos- Gijón

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Treatments with plasmas enriched in platelets in Gijón

Those who travel or reside in front of the wonderful coasts of the Cantabrian Sea, do not have to worry. Already theenriched treatment of platelet plasmas, or PRP, it is available in thecity ​​of Gijón, in the Principality of Asturias.

Our teamPRP professionals, highly specialized in aesthetic and cosmetic medicine, is found throughout the metropolitan region of Asturias, to give you all the benefits of the application of plasmas, ranging from the elimination of spots and stretch marks, treatment of acne, alopecia (hair loss) and even complex problems, such as erectile dysfunction and chronic and / or acute injuries in joints.

In the last decade,Platelet Rich Plasma treatmentsThey have become very fashionable thanks to the high benefits and low costs, in an effective and 100% biological treatment that encourages the repair of damaged tissues, hair regeneration and skin rejuvenation.

As you know, the PRP treatment is one of the safest biological procedures nowadays, which is developed using the own organic material of our own body (autologous), which acts stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and regeneration of the epidermis. .

While it is true, facial rejuvenation is one of the main attractions of PRP treatment, as it is effective to delay the effects of the passage of time in men and women of all ages. However, its wide application in regenerative medicine for the treatment of joint injuries and other ailments of the body in ourPRP clinics in Gijón.

Already inGijónOur specialized medical staff is there to assist you and offer you the advice you require. Our guarantee of excellence is not only our responsibility and commitment, but also the wide variety of possible treatments in this range and at the best price. Enter your number and we will call you immediately!

It is worth noting that the application ofprp treatments have no side effects. This simple process does not warrant hospitalization or use of anesthesia. Your estimated time of duration in each session is 30 minutes, after which you can witness the miracle of regenerative medicine. Its effects are immediate, but they are not permanent. The specialists suggest the application of the treatment, in addition to one or two maintenance sessions per year, thus guaranteeing the effectiveness of the treatment.

If you are in Gijón, do not hesitate to contact us. We will locate you to provide you with all the advice you need!

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Where to access ourPRP clinics in GijónIt is a simple issue to solve. In addition, the excellent service of local transport, cycle paths and land routes, the most important thing is thatwe are in almost all the Asturian geography. Contact our staff to access our services in Gijón and provide you with the advice you need.

We have endeavored to expand throughout Spain to guarantee the quality and immediacy of all our services and treatments. Alreadyin Gijón accounts with specialized advice, appointment scheduling and budgeting,everything adjusted to your indications and possibilities.

Get ready to live the prp experience with the best of the bunch! Our team is highly responsible and trained to assist you. Contact us and we refer you to theclinic closest to your home

Indicative prices of PRP treatments in Gijón

The best offer in the application of PRP treatments of the European market is ours.In Gijón we offer you the best prices, with the guarantee of satisfaction of our services, backed by the proven experience of our professionals.

Here are some indicators that will influence the price in your budget: type of treatment selected, number of sessions prescribed and the selected clinic. As you know, each medical center establishes its scale of professional fees, always different from each other.

If you have not decided, contact our staff atGijónand ask for advice that will help you change the appearance of your skin in a few minutes.

Here we leave a list of prices in the treatments that most demand us in Spain. If you can not find the one you want, tranquil @! Immediately, we help you to program it in the nearest clinic and in the schedule of your preference.

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