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Accepting that I needed help to treat my problem of sexual impotence was difficult. I went to the PRP staff to inform me about the alternatives and I found the right medical recommendation. The plasma treatment has been satisfactory and I have recovered my virility and confidence
Francisco- Elche

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PRP treatments in Elche

The most revolutionary PRP treatments and the most accessible prices on the market are offered More info and Prices

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PRP treatments and regenerative medicine in Elche

Staff specialized in aesthetic medicine and facial beauty in the Valencian community More info and Prices

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Biotechnological treatments with platelet-rich plasma in Elche

Learn about the wide variety and range oftreatments of platelet-enriched plasma, PRP, is the first step to follow when we want to recover the beauty and freshness of our skin. The treatments for facial and body rejuvenation are usually the most demanded inElche, and in general throughout the Valencian Community.

Do you also need more information about the PRP? Do not worry. Already in Elche you have the most complete team of professionalshighly specialized in cosmetic and regenerative medicine, which can give you all the advice you need to discover which treatment is most effective for your case.

The most important thing is to highlight that already inElchethey have the latest technology and equipment dedicated to the application of the most modernPRP treatments, with the guarantee of satisfactory results backed by the proven experience of a multidisciplinary staff of physicians and specialists in body aesthetics.

How does it act?

ThePRPis a treatment developed on the basis of plasma, obtained from the centrifugation of a blood sample drawn from the same patient, rich in growth factors derived from platelets, a totally biological process and 100% reliable.

The platelets contained in the plasma (extracted from your blood) release the growth factors, and fulfill the function of encouraging cellular regeneration, promoting the formation of new blood vessels and producing new tissue.

It is a totally ambulatory procedure, performed in specialized consultations with sessions of 30 minutes, at most. The medical team cleans and prepares the area to be treated, performs a blood draw from the patient himself. Once prepared, they will apply small punctures with a very fine needle, to reintroduce the platelets in the organism, thus generating the miracle of theCell regeneration

Why apply the PRP?

The treatment of platelet-rich plasmaIt is applied for various aesthetic purposes, mainly for the removal of sun spots, wrinkles, stretch marks and other signs of skin aging.

But, in addition, the prp can be applied for medical purposes for the treatment oferectile dysfunction, alopecia (hair loss), acne, osteoarthritis and / or injuries of the musculoskeletal system, among others. Contact us and we guide you!

If you are in Elche or anywhere in the Valencian community, write us. We offer you absolute guarantee and reliable results in our PRP clinics.

If you would like this clinic or any other of our clinics in Elche to undergo your prp treatment. Enter your phone here and we'll call you.

Prp associated clinics in Elche?

Maybe you do not know, but thePRP clinic in ElcheIt may be closer than you imagine. In this wonderful city it is comfortable to travel to multiple destinations. But locating our PRP clinics is much easier. Contact us and we offer you an immediate orientation!

As part of the expansion of thePRP servicesthroughout Spain, we are located at various strategic points throughout theAutonomous Community of Valencia, specially inElche, also known as the city of palm trees, where we take care of being close and available to our customers.

Contact the PRP staff, we offer the appointment scheduling service, selection of suitable treatments and design a budget according to your economic possibilities. Enter your information and we will call you immediately. Live the prp experience with the best of the bouquet in Elche!

Prices on PRP treatments in Elche

Definitely, the accessible prices in the application of thePRP treatments is our main attraction. The relation price and quality endorse us as the best in the aesthetic and regenerative health market in Spain.

InElche, as in all the Community of Valencia, you already have all the treatments of platelet-rich plasma at insuperable costs. You just have to contact us and check it personally, with the advice of our specialized staff.

All of ourAssociated clinics in Elchethey are backed by the extensive experience and experience of our medical specialists. If you require guidance on the budget for you, contact us. In addition, we attach a list of reference prices on the most demanded treatments in allSpain

It is worth emphasizing that the cost of your final budget will depend on your treatment, number of prescribed sessions and the clinic you choose. Each of these indicators generates a financial variation, high or low, that determine the final cost. It is a mere guiding guide, which does not include all our services.

Enter your number and we will help you schedule your appointment at the nearest clinic and at the time of your preference.

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