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PRP treatments benefits to heal diseases such as vitiligo and alopecia

Advances in aesthetic medicine and platelet-rich plasma to treat skin diseases and other pathologies Read more

PRP centrifuges and machinery to obtain enriched plasma

Main aspects and considerations to select the best enriched plasma centrifuges, types, most used models and vacutainer tubes Read more

PRP for hair loss

PRP Treatment for Hair

Treatment with PRP as a hairloss solution is one of the latest updates for the use of this amazing material. Read more

Everything you need to know about mesotherapy, advantages and benefits in the enriched plasma application

Everything you need to know about mesotherapy, advantages and benefits in the enriched plasma application Read more

Plasma treatment for acne

Treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma helps eliminate those scars produced by Acne. Know how your own blood will help you eliminate them. Read more

Treatments prices prp

In this post, we will expose the prices and briefly explain the different types of PRP treatments that exist. Read more

Regenerative medicine and PRP

The treatment of platelet-rich plasma is one of the most widely used procedures in regenerative medicine worldwide Read more

Celebrities and celebrities who prefer enriched plasma to rejuvenate their faces

Celebrities and the PRP

Celebrities and Hollywood stars succumb to PRP treatment, fashionable among celebrities Read more

Prp para tratamiento de la disfunción erectil

The Blood Plasma for Erectile Dysfunction is the most effective natural treatment for those who suffer from impotence | PRP or Cellular Plasma Infiltration Read more

Prp Treatment for face

Platelet Rich Plasma is one of the new therapies in the world of aesthetics medicine for skin rejuvenation using the patients own blood. Read more

Machinery needed to make platelet-rich plasma

PRP machines

Know all the equipment necessary to prepare platelet-rich plasma, PRP. Review the procedure for the preparation and obtaining of plasma Read more

PRP injection for Dark Circles

Dark circles no longer have to be a problem eliminate them with the Rich Plasma in Platelets. Forget the eyes corrector and get up every day with a good face. Read more